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What items work to regift and what doesn’t?

Christmas is officially six months away. It’s time to start thinking about gift giving. For me, that means checking my gift box supply for things to regift. What’s in my gift box? Items I’ve received over the year(s)… Read More

Wishing you a joyous Christmas Day!

View from the Front Porch will be on hiatus until January 8th. Before we go we invite you to take a break and enjoy this amazing version of Silent Night performed in ASL by Susan Layton. From Chicken… Read More

My Holiday Paradox… I hate this part!

Christmas is always such a paradox for me. I love it, but hate so much that goes with the season like the decorating, the baking, the Christmas cards, the parties, the gift shopping… you get the idea. And,… Read More

Merry Christmas 2013

My friend and fellow blogger, Edie Melson posted this free image on her blog on Christmas Eve. I thought it such a great reminder about the true meaning of Christmas I’m sharing with you today. Merry Christmas to… Read More

Claymation Christmas Celebration – One Word Wednesday

If you’re not familiar with A Claymation Christmas Celebration, you’ve missed a real treat. The television special won a 1988 Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program following its original broadcast on the CBS TV in 1987. It was my youngest daughter’s favorite… Read More

Christmas Customs and Traditions – Carols and Caroling

Every year, the holidays bring Christmas music playing non-stop through store speakers and on every radio station. Satellite radio devotes entire channels to holiday songs. Cable networks have channels exclusively for holiday music and shows. Christmas carols show up at… Read More

The Christmas Scale