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The Power of Not Thinking

 A Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara  I have often heard people speak of “the power of positive thinking.” However, I’ve become convinced lately that there is, at times, even greater power in “not thinking.” For example, when… Read More


Goose eggs, adolescent roosters, and bullied hens – Miller Farm Friday

Welcome our very special Friday Guest blogger, Chicken Wrangler Sara and another tale from the Miller Farm. Adolescent roosters are some of the most horrid creatures on earth, which makes putting them on death row much less traumatic… Read More


Miller Farm Friday – Wax Bees and Bananas

For an urban city farm, the Miller Farm produces a wide variety of products. I love the eggs. And, the honey Beekeeper Brian extracts is equally tasty. Chicken Wrangler email today is about the bees on the farm…. Read More