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Too Many Boys

A guest blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara We recently discovered that the number of males determines the maximum number of birds we can have at Miller Farm. We have experienced the crowing contests among the roosters but this… Read More

Chicken Connection

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara I spent the week of Spring Break in Nicaragua. I went to work with Word of Life, Nicaragua.  We went into the mountains near Honduras and walked house to house telling people… Read More

Miller Farm Color Project Update

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Rachel’s Bantam Color Project is going quite splendidly. Her latest flock of bantam chicks is very interesting and most were sold almost immediately. She has a couple of partridge frizzles from Richard… Read More

Lost and Found

A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara We interrupt our regularly scheduled chicken blog to report a totally random “feel good” story. Sunday morning I was playing keys on the Praise Team at church.  That’s the new way of… Read More

Tom Turkey 1, Chicken Wrangler Sara 1

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara My love/hate relationship with the turkeys continues. For a while, Tom was roosting in the chicken coop.  Every night for several nights, I moved him to the turkey yard to be with… Read More

Day? Month? Year?

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara I started using a planner a couple of years ago. It is a weekly planner with room to make lists on every day. I confess, I am one of those people who… Read More

Chew Toys

Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara It has been 8 years since we have had a puppy on Miller Farm and now we have two. One major issue I had forgotten was the chewing. They chew on everything. Rachel… Read More