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Five Ways to Attract Blog Readers

Today’s blog world is highly competitive. A quick check at Blogging Statistics – Worldometers shows over 2 million posts (and counting) for July 14, 2016. With numbers like that, our blogs can get lost sea of options. So… Read More

Rush, Stress, and Busyness – Blogs last month you might have missed

NaNoWriMo 2012 has ended. (btw, MAJOR congratulations to those who stayed the course and wrote 50,000 words. I’m so impressed.) Today’s December 1st. The holiday season is upon us and closing in like a speeding bullet. If you’re… Read More

Bonus Tuesday-Blogs you may have missed

If you’re like me, you follow lots of blogs and skim. Shoot, there are some weeks I don’t even skim, I press delete. Last night I played catch up and found some great blogs you might have missed and… Read More

One Lovely Blog – Never too late to say Thanks

My often neglected blog has been honored with a nomination for the One Lovely Blogger Award by my very good friend Forest and his human, Elaine Smothers (blogger and fellow WANAite). I’m awed to be considered lovely by anybody. I did … Read More

AAR on KL’s BtoB class

Today’s word in case you’re unsure from the title – AAR What the heck is an AAR? You’re probably wondering — especially if you have no military background. At the conclusion of every mission employed, an AAR, AFTER… Read More