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Miller Farm Friday – Don’t Wake the Bees

A blog by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara We have run out of honey on Miller Farm and our customers are clamoring for more. So Beekeeper Brian checked on the hive furthest from our house and found it… Read More

Missing Bees and Bee Whisperers

A Guest by Chicken Wrangler Sara Beekeeper Brian recently purchased four queen bees in hopes of starting four new hives. The queen bees were shipped by mail. He tracked their exact arrival at the post office – late on… Read More

Miller Farm Friday: Bees in the Bonnet

Well the inevitable finally happened – I got stung by a bee. I really can’t blame the bee. It flew into my hair while I was filling the chicken waterer and it got lost. The bee panicked and burrowed… Read More

Miller Farm Friday – Wax Bees and Bananas

For an urban city farm, the Miller Farm produces a wide variety of products. I love the eggs. And, the honey Beekeeper Brian extracts is equally tasty. Chicken Wrangler email today is about the bees on the farm…. Read More

Miller Farm Friday

My latest email from the Miller Farm PLACES I NEVER THOUGHT I’D BE…  In a feed store parking lot next to trailers full of cows waiting for my chicken feed Standing two feet from thousands of bees while… Read More