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Three Presidential Love Story Quotes

It’s President’s Day. I thought it might be fun to look at love stories/quotes of presidents. In my day, we had holidays for Lincoln’s birthday (February 12) and George Washington’s birthday (February 22) instead of the singular day… Read More

Presidents Day Quotes

Last Monday we celebrated President’s Day. Most people look at the day as a tribute to all who have ever served in the office of the President. Those of you as old as me will remember we used… Read More

Counting Thanksgiving Treasures

It’s three days until Turkey Day. Time for family reunions, food, fun, travel, football games, Black Friday and being thankful. Not necessarily in that order. Family reunions may iffy this year with a major storm wreaking havoc over the entire… Read More


If you read Monday’s blog, you recognize today’s word: TRIGGER DATE I’m sure today’s date will trigger memories for you like it does for me. My husband worked in the New York City for many years. Our photo albums… Read More