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Who’s Telling Your Story?

A Guest Blog Today I’d like to introduce a writer friend, who also happens to be a fabulous teacher and excellent editor—Alicia Rasley. She’s going to offer advice on how writers can decide which character’s POV to use…. Read More

44 Words That Can Weasel into Writing

Writing’s hard work. Ask any writer. Good writing is harder. Sometimes weasel words can slip in. Weasel words are “favorite” words that pop up when a writer is being lazy or rushing. I first heard the term in… Read More

21 Grammar Rules and Writing Mistakes recently posted this infographic of 21 frequently ignored (or unknown) grammar rules and writing mistakes that everyone who writes should know. How many do you know? How many do you ignore? I’m with them on all but… Read More

One Word Wednesday – EMOTION

The chief goal of a writer is to engage the reader. How do we do that? EMOTION We dig deep within ourselves and find what motivated us and inject that emotion into our characters. I like the way Hemingway… Read More

I Missed National Punctuation Day. Did you?

Last Monday, September 24th was National Punctuation Day. Thanks Steve Laube and Janice Heck for sharing on your blogs and putting me in the know about this yearly celebration. I’m a week late this year, but next year I’ll be on time to… Read More

Debunking Must Dos for aspiring writers

When I started writing for publication, I repeatedly heard three “absolute must dos.” Years later and many published works, I have my own opinion about those MUSTs. #1 Write what you know. First, imo, writing what you know… Read More

Texas talk, colloquialisms, and weasel words – in my writing?

I wish I could say NO WAY! Can’t. When I shared a recent chapter with my critique partners, one of them questioned this sentence, “He found himself in deep water.”   Not understanding that my POV character’s internal… Read More