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One Word Wednesday: SELF-DISCIPLINE

Our word today is I’m preaching to myself here because I’ve been less than focused on my writing lately. With very, very legitimate reasons, of course.   Overseas travel, anniversaries, graduations, moving, remodeling, visting friends and family … the… Read More

One Word Wednesday – ACTION

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”   ~St. Francis of Assisi~ Novels begin with the first word on the page or computer screen. ACTION on your part gets that… Read More

Words to Inspire A Writer

Today is One Word Wednesday, but I have not one word today, but two author’s words to inspire a writer. These quotes from Kipling and Michener resonate with my writer’s soul, inspire me to write. YOUR TURN: Do… Read More

A Wordless Love Story

This six-minute animated film that mixes hand-drawn and CGI animation is the perfect start for February blogs. Amazing, how “Paperman” demonstrates all the elements needed to produce a love story without a single spoken word. The Disney Animation… Read More

To Resolve or Not to Resolve That is the Question

Last week social media was all a buzz about New Year’s resolutions. Facebook status comments offered summaries of people’s 2012 and their goals for 2013. Blogs gave statistics from last year and offered predictions for the New Year…. Read More

After Friday’s darkness Monday’s Motivation

How do we find motivation after Friday’s act of darkness? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time. Bob Mayer’s FB status on Friday suggested: “Just mourn. No politics, agendas, rants. Losing a child is an… Read More

Monday Motiviation – Ready, aim, write

Today’s inspiration is short, pointed and graphic. Now go WRITE