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What are your chances of success?

Looking at this graphic you can clearly see what a world of difference attitude and action can make in success. The I wish I could  circle gives you only a 30% opportunity for succeeding while the I am circle gives you a 90%… Read More

Enduring to THE END

I wrote writers’ two favorite words last week—THE END. FINALLY! Book 2 of the Fitzpatrick Family sweet romance series is now with my copy editor.The book is a novella.It should have been a fast write. Novellas generally run… Read More

Write a Book Review? Why?

I can see your cringe and your wrinkled brow on the other side of the computer screen when you read today’s blog title. I hear the muttered protest, “I’ll read, but please don’t ask me to write a… Read More

Ideas for Change on MLKJ Day

Martin Luther King, Jr. preached about justice, empowerment, love and peace. Dr. King believed life’s most persistent and urgent question was ‘What are you doing for others?’ Through his nonviolent activism during the civil rights movement, he changed… Read More

Are you a Pogo Writer?

A writing career is different from other occupations. A writer has to make up their route to success. There’s no policy and procedure manual, no checklist for success. What to do and how to do it is solely… Read More

Eight Things I’ve learned about blogging

I celebrated my first blog-iversary yesterday. (Isn’t that the coolest word my fellow WANAmate, Liv Rancourt, made up?) Today I want to talk about eight things I’ve learned about blogging over the last year. 1.   You don’t have… Read More

A Wordless Love Story

This six-minute animated film that mixes hand-drawn and CGI animation is the perfect start for February blogs. Amazing, how “Paperman” demonstrates all the elements needed to produce a love story without a single spoken word. The Disney Animation… Read More