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Missing Bees and Bee Whisperers

A Guest by Chicken Wrangler Sara Beekeeper Brian recently purchased four queen bees in hopes of starting four new hives. The queen bees were shipped by mail. He tracked their exact arrival at the post office – late on… Read More

Greener Grass

A Guest Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara This morning, as I was filling the chicken waterer, I looked up and saw one of our black chickens in the neighbor’s yard. I must confess I can’t blame her. The… Read More


The Millers are Sara, my daughter, and her husband, Brian, who have a mini-farm at their home in Aggieland. For my non-Texan readers, that’s Bryan/College Station, Texas. That’s right, in their backyard, a chicken coop with nine “Easter Eggers,” a… Read More

Adding DRAMA to your novel

As writers we need to have emotion and drama to our pages to engage our readers. Or as Donald Maass stresses in his Writing the Breakout Novel and BONI Intensive Seminars… Tension on every page. Check out this… Read More


We LOVE to play Scrabble at our house. Play it all the time.  My husband and writing partner is the current fifty point word champion.  That’s him with the scorepad and board to prove it! We’ve played on-line at the official Scrabble website…. Read More

JIGSAW FUN for Cognitive Training

Research shows our brain needs as much exercise as our body. So far I as know, there aren’t any brain gyms but there are brain games for cognitive training.  My favorite game is Jigsaw puzzles. At our house we keep a… Read More

It’s FRIDAY FREE DAY – Being a PURPLE COW writer

Friday blog days will be silly or stream of consciousness or who knows what will strike my fancy. The idea comes from the years I taught elementary school physical education classes. Great job compared to my years of teaching reading and language arts… Read More