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Showing Up

A Guest Blog by Gail Kittleson Someone decided to take an older relative to Europe to celebrate her retiring from work. When they broke the news, the woman said, “Oh . . . I’ve really been wanting to… Read More

Anyone Can Live a Life of Purpose

A Guest Post by Jennifer Slattery He always arrived late, many times after most of the food had been served. He wore his curly hair and beard long, and though it was clear he did his best to… Read More

Migrant Mother and Her Story

By Guest Blogger Jane Carver If I said the migrant mother in the picture made during the depression, you’d know exactly what photo I’m talking about… Though photographer Dorothea Lange couldn’t ask the woman her name, the woman… Read More

The County Fair

 by Guest Blogger Millie Theis Martin Rodeo time in Houston and the string of trail riders wreak havoc with the traffic and frustrate other drivers, but, for me, they stir up fond memories. While I never participated in… Read More

Reading to Young Children

Welcome to the porch today guest blogger, Anna Kathryn Lanier. She’s a writer, a published author, and grandmother who is sharing about the value of reading to your children and grandchildren. ~~~~~ One of my three grandchildren has… Read More

How Much of Me?

Today we have  award winning author Sara Walter Ellwood visiting the front porch. Bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s named Sara’s novel Gambling On A Secret as one her of favorite romances in the Happy Ever After Blog on USA Today. How… Read More

He Lives!

Welcome with me today, guest blogger Jerry Hixson, a graduate student of Biblical Studies at Grace School of Theology. He Lives! In the midst of the Easter Season – 2014, we would all due well to note a… Read More