Guest Blog Participation Guidelines

Hello! Thanks for your interest in guest blogging here at View from the Front Porch.

I love hosting others. If you have a word of wisdom to share or insight on anything faith or fiction focused or maybe a moving or amusing anecdote waiting for an outlet, you’re invited.

Guest blogging is for anyone … everyone.

Only three guidelines:

  1. Articles or essays MUST be new. Please don’t send something that has already been posted on another website without updating.
  2. Length around 500 words. Shorter is better.
  3. No controversial or political topics.

Once you’ve decided what to write and a date you’d like, here’s what you’ll need to do.

Copy and paste the form below into your word processor.

  1. Fill out the form completely.
  2. Save the file by renaming as an RTF file with your name (example: JOHNDOE.doc). That will help me keep things organized.
  3. Return the completed form to as an attachment.
  4. You can include a jpg file for any images you wish. No large, large images. And, most important, only legal to copy images. Your photo would be nice to include, but not necessary.

Once I receive your email…

  1. I’ll confirm receipt, so if you don’t hear from me within 72 hours, please contact me.
  2. I wish I had time to send a reminder before your date, but I don’t. So please mark your calendar.

REQUEST FORM to guest blog on

View from the Front Porch

Name/Pen Name:

Contact Email (not to be given out, just for me):

Website (if you have one):

Blog (if you have one):

Twitter and Facebook Links (if you wish to share):

Date you would like to appear (if no date is specified, I will assign one to you).

Your blog. *Be sure to proofread it. I’m a writer, not an editor!

Special Instructions if you’re an author:

Being a guest blogger can also be an opportunity for you to promote your books. In the bio info at the end of your guest blog, we can include any book information you wish to promote.

IMPORTANT: No erotica or steamy sensuality. Any book genre including non-fiction is acceptable.

In your file please include

  1. Title of Book you would like to promote. Remember the exceptions!
  2. Buy Link (either to your author site or to online retailers like Amazon, B&N, etc.)
  3. URL for your cover: (To find the URL, right click on the pic, then go to properties. It will have a URL, copy and paste that here.)

Additional thoughts:

You are encouraged to show up on your guest blog/interview day to chat with commenters.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I look forward to working with you.

– Judythe