About Judythe

I am a storyteller, a wordsmith, a romantic.

I read a lot…adore Victoriana…collect tchotchkes…stockpile ephemera…and own up to being a native Texan, most of the time.

Ireland is my most favorite place on earth, and I’m crazy about all things Irish.

I love…
Sitting on the porch.
Traveling back roads.
Meeting new people.
Gaining knowledge.
Sharing memories.
Walking my dog in the mountains or on the beach or around the block.
Watching movies, eating popcorn and sipping wine with my husband.

Most of all, I enjoy weaving emotional stories with satisfying endings.

I’m a former teacher, proprietor of an antiques business, and one time DAC (Department of Army Civilian).

Now I write full time–mostly romance (love those happy endings), some short stories, articles, and a bit of non-fiction stuff.

My husband and I live in the Rio Grande National Forest of Colorado with a mouthy Maltese named Buster.

My blog is an eclectic blending of all of the above sprinkled with guest bloggers.

Thanks for visiting.  Stop by often.

5 Comments on “About Judythe

  1. I can tell you are a passionate and colorful lady with many things to talk about. You paint a clear vision of your home and dogs, your mate, and your lovely life, and I can see it all! I look forward to coming back and reading your poems and stories. It’s great to connect with fellow bloggers that share a love for writing no matter what the subject.

    • Thank you, Laura. I’m so glad we found each other. Looking forward to tweets, FB comments and blogs from you, too. Thanks for stopping by the front porch and come by often.

  2. I’m so glad you decided to follow me on Twitter which brought me here. We have so much in common — reading, back roads, husbands we love to be with, Irish whatever, porches and swings — I can’t believe my good fortune at connecting with you. Oh, yes, I love to write too but mostly non-fiction, memoir type stuff. I’ll be around.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I can feel you in this post, Judy and it’s all thing good, just like you! Hugs from Georgetown!!