Month: January 2017

Procrastination Can Kill Writing Success

Procrastination means putting off an essential task. Admit it you procrastinate. All writers do. Procrastination is a clever enemy often disguised as worthy endeavors such as a writer’s meeting, a writing conference, a computer game to “clear the… Read More

Not on My List

A Blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara I am a list maker. In fact, I am one of those people who write things I have already done on my list so I can cross them off. Today’s list included:… Read More

2017 Advice from Anne of Green Gables

Are these five POGO traits sabotaging your writing?

A writing career has no policy and procedure manual, no checklist for success. Each day brings uncharted water. The path to success can be an emotional roller coaster ride. Up one day. Downhill fast the next. More than any… Read More

Tom Turkey 1, Chicken Wrangler Sara 1

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara My love/hate relationship with the turkeys continues. For a while, Tom was roosting in the chicken coop.  Every night for several nights, I moved him to the turkey yard to be with… Read More

FDR Advice for Successful 2017 Resolutions

Thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

President Ronald Reagan signed legislation in 1983 designating today as a federal holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and his accomplishments. Dr. King’s nonviolent activism during the civil rights movement changed things for so many. He believed… Read More