Month: July 2016

Free Range Chickens

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Olivia’s chicks have grown up quite nicely. I went to close them up one night and Olivia was not with them. She had gone back to the big coop.  I guess in… Read More

Dirt and Growth

Today I spotted the leaves of a sunflower popping up through the dirt. Where did the summer go that fall sunflowers are coming up? I have no answer for that, but seeing the green sprouts, I was reminded… Read More

Are Naps a Waste of Time?

Nappers are often labeled as lazy. But are nappers the smart ones? As youngsters, we fought naps until we collapsed in total exhaustion. These days social media can produce FOMO and like our younger selves we push on…. Read More

There’s a Chicken in my Bathroom

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara While checking the chickens this week, I noticed one silkie hen squished between the coop and the fence.  I gently unsquished her and set her down. She was very unsteady on her… Read More

To be a Word Artist you have to…

The last two Wednesday we’ve talked about writers as artist. We can’t paint words if we don’t just WRITE as this quote from Sandra Jensen via WritersWrite points out.

Five Ways to Attract Blog Readers

Today’s blog world is highly competitive. A quick check at Blogging Statistics – Worldometers shows over 2 million posts (and counting) for July 14, 2016. With numbers like that, our blogs can get lost sea of options. So… Read More

Meanwhile Back on the Farm

A blog by Chicken Wrangler Sara Beekeeper Brian and Chicken Wrangler Sara have been on their annual vacation in Colorado leaving Rachel in charge of Miller Farm which is no easy task. In an effort to entertain the… Read More