Month: September 2015

Writing – a mask or an unveiling?

Edie Melson recently posted this graphic for media sharing by her followers. The photograph she chose aptly portrays E. B. White’s words. Writers do look through windows or hide behind portals. The graphic got me to thinking about… Read More

Chicken Sweeping

By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara The chicks are finally big enough to join the big girls. Rachel and I moved them one evening.  We found it works best if they spend the night in their new home… Read More

Could there be a secret writer within you?

The Urban Dictionary defines a closet writer as anyone who is involved in any of the arts (e.g. music, writing, drawing, photography, etc.) but will not admit it. Either that or he/she literally hides it somewhere and only… Read More

Melon Hurling

 By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara The food pantry where I volunteer had an abundance of honeydew melons last week. I got rid of as many as I could, but some still got too soft to eat. It… Read More

Is author self-promotion different from any other promoting?

Writing is a profession. Authors have products to promote – their books. A fly-fishing guide in our town has fish mounts in his shop and pictures of trophy catches with his clients. Doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals… Read More

Bee Research

by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara There are many wonderful things about living in a university town. There is a lot of energy and excitement created by the young, enthusiastic minds at work. There is also a lot… Read More

Spying, people watching, or doing research?

As a writer, I classify peeking through the blinds research whether I have a dust rag in my hand or not. Neither do I count eavesdropping and people watching as spying. What better methods to gather data for… Read More