Month: March 2015

Disconnect between wants and actions

As a writer, I have goals: x-number of words, pages, chapters per day, a book published by a specific date then… Life erupts. Circumstances change. Accidents happen. What I want to do and what I do become a… Read More

Why We Have Chickens

by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara Most people assume we have chickens for the fresh eggs they provide. While this is certainly true, there is also the entertainment factor. For example, I looked out my kitchen window last… Read More

Showing Up

A Guest Blog by Gail Kittleson Someone decided to take an older relative to Europe to celebrate her retiring from work. When they broke the news, the woman said, “Oh . . . I’ve really been wanting to… Read More

Write a Book Review? Why?

I can see your cringe and your wrinkled brow on the other side of the computer screen when you read today’s blog title. I hear the muttered protest, “I’ll read, but please don’t ask me to write a… Read More

Repairing Chickens

By Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara I recently gathered all my materials to teach the song “Chicken on a Fencepost” to my 3rd and 4th graders. (See previous post Chicken on Fencepost for a look at the music.)… Read More


It’s Spring Break time and every other car in our little tourist town sports an out-of-state license plate. Not complaining. It’s great for our local businesses. At our house, grandkids from Texas, siblings, nieces, and friends are coming… Read More

Hippo Hair

By Chicken Wrangler Sara Every year at Christmas, I sing “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” It’s a real song I promise. This year Rachel got me a hippopotamus – she made me a hippo hat.I love it…. Read More