Month: March 2014

Color Me What Color?

After five years, I’ve decided it’s time to revamp my website. Branding has been a big component of my thought process as I work with a web designer to create an updated site. I’ve written several popular blogs on the topic…. Read More

Little House by Miller Farm

by Guest Blogger Chicken Wrangler Sara Several weeks ago our new neighbors moved a playhouse into the space between our houses. They intend to move it into the backyard but need to remove the fence and rent a forklift. It’s… Read More

The Truth about Southern Snakes

 by Guest Blog Contributor Jody Payne The truth is: Snakes down here are very dangerous. One nearly drowned my cousin, twice removed. It’s true. I swanee. This cousin, twice removed, was out fishing on the bayou one evening… Read More

Flowers – One Word Wednesday

Warm days and chilly mornings hold the promise of spring blooms. I love this e.e.cummings quote and Edie Melson’s photo of the Iris. I’m anxious to hear the earth’s laughter, aren’t you? btw, some of you might have… Read More

Signs of Spring

Around here, life is stirring from its wintery slumber. Walking the dogs today, I spotted the first sprigs of green popping up through the brown fields. Birds circled looking for our feeders. The mountaintops of the San Juan Mountains… Read More

Broody Hens – Miller Farm Friday

by Chicken Wrangler Sara Periodically one or more of our hens goes broody.  This means she sits on her eggs with the intent of hatching them. Usually I just reach under her and grab the eggs, explaining that… Read More

Bye, Bye Winter Bye, Bye

Tomorrow, March 20 spring arrives with the vernal equinox on at 12:57 P.M. EDT. To say good-bye winter, I offer this fabulous Piano Guys video actually filmed on the ice in the snow. Let It Go (Disney’s “Frozen”)… Read More