Month: December 2012

What’s your driving MOTIVATION for next year?

The last minutes of 2012 are ticking away. I’m eager for the New Year. Are you? Author Joan Reeves quoted English poet Edith Lovejoy Pierce in a recent blog: “We will open the book. Its pages are blank…. Read More

Ever had one of THESE days? Miller Farm Friday

Chicken Wrangler Sara’s day: This morning I got up at 5:15, made coffee, fixed breakfast and made sandwiches even though it is Saturday. The kids have All-Region Band auditions and I wanted to make sure they didn’t starve…. Read More

The Christmas Scale


ASL Merry Christmas

My second language is American Sign Language (ASL). No, I’m not deaf. I fell in love with the language of the deaf through one of my best friends in high school whose parents were deaf. Christmas carols and… Read More

Chicken chest bump challenges – Miller Farm Friday

Okay, I know today is Saturday, but I didn’t remember yesterday was Friday! I know CW Sara has loyal Miller Farm Friday readers and that’s why I’m posting her  email blog. I do apologize and promise to pay more attention to the calendar… Read More

After Friday’s darkness Monday’s Motivation

How do we find motivation after Friday’s act of darkness? I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time. Bob Mayer’s FB status on Friday suggested: “Just mourn. No politics, agendas, rants. Losing a child is an… Read More

Chickens and Holiday sweaters: Miller Farm Blog

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Chicken Wrangler emails for today’s seasonal email titled Don We Now our Gay Apparel Exactly nineteen years ago, my parents gave me a Christmas sweater. It was something they knew I would never… Read More