Month: July 2012

BS aka Backstory – Part 2

Last week I blogged about scattering smidgens of backstory throughout a story. I received an email from a reader who wanted further explanation about what backstory is. Not being a writer, she’d never heard the term.  I love… Read More

What my high school reunion taught me about writing BACKSTORY

Sitting at a table at my high school reunion recently, this thought struck me: “This is how backstory should work.” Huh, you say. Let me explain. I’ve know most of the people at my high school reunion more… Read More

Secret Lives of Bookmarks

This makes me want to be a bookmark. How about you? Thanks, Passive Guy for sharing.

Vanishing Time, Scary Fires, and Happy Endings

One day I’m writing a blog post and it’s May. Suddenly it’s July 1st. Where’d June go?  Life was too busy to even notice, but I can tell you there was a whole lot of moving going on. … Read More