Month: March 2012


We LOVE to play Scrabble at our house. Play it all the time.  My husband and writing partner is the current fifty point word champion.  That’s him with the scorepad and board to prove it! We’ve played on-line at the official Scrabble website…. Read More

AAR on KL’s BtoB class

Today’s word in case you’re unsure from the title – AAR What the heck is an AAR? You’re probably wondering — especially if you have no military background. At the conclusion of every mission employed, an AAR, AFTER… Read More

The Attack of the Lucky 7 Meme

It appears the Lucky 7 Meme zombie virus for writer-bloggers has arrived on my front porch via Cora Ramos! I thought I might escape being in lurker mode and all. Not so…Cora found me.  Unfamiliar with The Lucky Meme virus? These are the… Read More

JIGSAW FUN for Cognitive Training

Research shows our brain needs as much exercise as our body. So far I as know, there aren’t any brain gyms but there are brain games for cognitive training.  My favorite game is Jigsaw puzzles. At our house we keep a… Read More


I should have spent yesterday writing my ONE WORD WEDNESDAY blog for an  early morning post today. I didn’t. My daughter volunteered to help the son of an on-line friend in Minnesota  with his Flat Stanley Project. She  invited me… Read More


ONE WORD WEDNESDAY and today’s word is PIDDLE. No not what puppies and kittens and small children do. Piddling is spending time in a trifling, or ineffective way according to  Some call it dawdling. The dictionary defines… Read More


 When I shared a recent chapter with my critique partners, one of them called me for this sentence, “He found himself in deep water.”  She didn’t understand that my POV character’s internal thought meant he found himself in… Read More